When Franklin School became a Community Center, the Griffith Historical Society asked for and received two rooms in the building’s basement. Our goal was to set up displays of town history that we didn’t have space for at our small Depot Museum at the Griffith Historical Park, Avenue A and Broad Street.

Work at Franklin began in earnest in July, 2014, when, with the support of the Town of Griffith, we hired a Historical Consultant, Noah Goodling. Over a period of nine months, Noah worked with Historical Society Board Members Nancy Stout, as well as Society Members Debby Hoot and Ilene Todd,to organize our artifacts and set up displays.

As of Spring, 2015, the two rooms — a town history room and a room dedicated to Griffith schools and sports — are up and running and open to visitors the first and third Saturdays of each month from 10am to 2pm.

Board Members Maxine Hess, and Ann and Jay Nichols, are among the volunteers on hand to explain our displays and answer visitor questions. Maxine is also coordinating volunteers to begin changing our display cases several times a year.

Presently at Franklin, too, the Society has begun organizing and  digitizing our photos, articles, documents and other artifacts. Working on this project are Board Members Nancy Stout and Karen Kulinski, along with Members Debby Hoot and Logan Kulinski.