The Griffith Historical Society, founded in 1983, was empowered by a Griffith Town Council resolution to preserve the history of Griffith. At that time, ownership and operation of the Depot Museum, saved from demolition two years earlier, was given to the Society by joint action of the Council and the Community Spirit Organization.

In 1994, the Society purchased the land adjacent to the Depot to create an Historical Park in tribute to Griffith’s railroading past, and added a caboose donated by the EJ&E Railway. The Griffith Historical Park was formally dedicated in May, 1995, and in the next two years, a Pullman troopsleeper car and a transfer caboose were donated by the EJ&E

In 2013,  a museum was established in the lower level of Griffith’s Franklin Center. The following year, the Society embarked on a project to catalog and record information on every artifact in a special computer program created especially for the Society.  The program also allows users to search for artifact information and print it out, as well.