When our Grand Trunk Depot Museum was opened in 1983, a small yellow C&O Inspection car sat proudly in front of it. Then some years ago, it was taken away to be refurbished, but sadly it ended up in pieces with no one working on it.

Then in 2021, two men with a passion for restoring cars like ours, Perry and Kevin Frye, volunteered to put our little car back together. Perry, at the far right in the photo below, took the car, along with a pile of parts and pieces, last fall. He and his son have been working on it whenever possible since then.

Progress on the car is amazing, but there still is much to do. While the Fryes are volunteering their labor, closing in on 100 hours soon, the Society is paying for all the parts they can’t repair or they kindly donate to us.

We are beyond grateful to the Fryes for all they are doing to help restore this wonderful piece of railroad — and Griffith — history for us.