Built in 1924, this Elgin Joliet & Eastern Interlocking Tower stood for more than 70 years as a sentinel at the Broad Street Crossing in Griffith controlling railroad interchange operations and street traffic.  Advances in technology rendered the Tower obsolete and it faced demolition until EJ&E General Manager Mel Turner offered to donate it to the Society.  He also arranged for monetary donations from the three railroads then operating through Griffith — the Ej&E, the Grand Trunk, and the Union Pacific — to help with the cost of moving the Tower to The Griffith Historical Park. Donations from Griffith citizens, businesses, schoolchildren, plus a grant from the National Railway Historical Society, provided the remainder of the funds necessary.  The Tower was phased out of operation on December 31, 1999, and moved to the Griffith Historical Park in July, 2000.  The building is now on the National Register of Historic Places and the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures.